CCTV drain surveys are cost effective as a way of locating drain problems such as a damaged or collapsed pipe.

They can also show root damage making it easy to access the structural condition of the drain that may need repair. Findings can be provided using a CD or DVD with a computerised report on mpeg, jpeg or pdf. 

Our fully skilled CCTV survey engineers can call upon many years of practical experience. They have worked with surveyors and consultants on projects that required:

  • Deep sewer man entry (using airline).
  • Confirmed space entry.
  • Water training international coding qualifications.

Drain Doctor’s skilled operatives use various CCTV drain inspection systems, from small flexible cameras to negotiate tight bends to crawler systems that can travel up to 250 metres along large sewers and culverts from a single access point.

We only use the highest quality CCTV equipment to ensure pin sharp images. Once a fault is found we can use the latest sonar equipment to accurately show the exact location of the problem.

The finder is accurate to the nearest centimetre. This saves times and money in repair costs.

Our state of the art reporting system produce accurate, detailed reports on foul and storm water drainage systems.

We are also experienced in trade efficient discharges, culverted watercourses, tanks and manholes.

Drain Doctor Blackburn CCTV Surveys

Other CCTV survey information that can be included is:

  • Duty of drain
  • Sewerage treatment plants/ Septic tanks/ Grease trap/ Oil interceptor reports
  • Connectivity by dye testing, sound testing, Sonde CAT locator
  • Marking up/Updating and amending drain drawings
  • Foul/ Surface cross over contamination
  • Direction of flow
  • Pollution Tracing
  • Diameters of pipe
  • Manhole record cards
  • Invert depths
  • Rouge, redundant or additional pipes